5 Things I Hate About Hotels

Staying in a hotel should be a relaxing experience. Whether you’re on holiday or just a business trip, a night in a hotel usually means a big, comfy bed, a clean room and, depending on the hotel, many amenities that you don’t normally have at home. However, not every hotel is the Waldorf, so a dream holiday can quickly turn into a nightmare if the place where you rest your head at night isn’t as pretty as the pictures. Paying a higher price isn’t always the solution to your accommodation problem either. From experience, it’s often in more expensive hotels where the expectation of service is greater yet these expectations don’t translate into a fun stay. Without further ado, here are the 5 things I hate most about hotels.

1. Unfriendly staff

Let me tell you, I know that dealing with the public in your job can have its difficulties, so I don’t mind if staff aren’t grinning ear to ear. However, a hotel which has staff that are unfriendly or just downright rude will not be getting many second bookings. Friendly staff can really add the cherry on top to a great holiday, so in my opinion this is an even more attribute than being super experienced or able to speak a few languages.

2. Paying for WiFi

When you’ve already shelled out possibly hundreds of pounds on a hotel, the last thing you want to do is pay an additional fee for something that most people consider a necessity and part of their daily life. Not only does it irritate me as a paying customer of the hotel who wants to stay connected to the world, but from the hotel’s perspective, why not offer free WiFi? Instead of your customers going down the street to have breakfast in the café with free WiFi every morning, they’ll be getting their most important meal of the day in at the hotel bar.

3. Hotel breakfast

Speaking of breakfast, why are the breakfast times so ‘seize the day’ and not ‘we’re on holiday let’s get a lie in!’ Waking up to catch breakfast before it closes at 10am is not something most guests look forward to doing. Even if you make it to the breakfast buffet an hour before it closes, the food might not even be refilled, making your reward for an early start the dregs of the eggs.

4. Short beds

I’m a relatively tall person, being over 6 feet tall, and the amount of times I have slept in a hotel bed with my feet protruding out the bottom is infuriating. It’s a completely avoidable grievance, simply by getting a slightly larger bed, customers of an above average height will be thankful.

5. Shower temperature

Jumping in the shower is one of the first things that you do in the morning, so having a feeling of dread before you even step foot in it should be a hotel no-no. I want a shower that is easy to control, not one that freezes or scalds me with one slight turn of the dial.

Those are my personal 5 pet peeves about hotels, so your own experiences may have been different. If you want to avoid experiencing some of these hotel nightmares, then book with a provider you can trust rather than finding it on your own. Check out https://www.groupon.com.au/vouchers/stores/expedia.com.au to book with Expedia through Groupon, and avoid a hotel horror while saving at the same time.


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