6 Of The Best Malaysian Islands

There’s such a stark contrast between countries that are multicultural and those that aren’t. While it is an enriching experience to completely immerse yourself in a fairly closed country, such as Japan, there is something special about a place where there are many cultures which form the makeup of that society. One such country is Malaysia, a true blend of culture, people, landscapes and more, where anyone can feel at home and also like a complete foreigner. This diversity extends to the country’s islands, which include tourist hotspots and hidden gems within jungle and sandy surroundings. Take a mini tour of Malaysia here with the top islands the country has to offer.

1. Perhentian Islands

This is a place for true travellers, with not much luxury to be found here except for the location. Delightful beach huts, snorkelling and an all-round great atmosphere is what makes this place so special.

2. Redang Island

Close to the Perhentian Islands, Redang has fantastic beaches to go with crystal clear waters and a whole range of luxurious hotels. This island is more expensive, and if you want to properly explore this this may not be the place for you. However, if what you want is a few days of unbridled luxury then hop on the next available boat to Redang.

3. Pulua Tengah

This island sits between Perhentian and Redang, or perhaps more appropriately, is squashed between them. Pulua Tengah is miniscule compared to the other islands, with only 3 hotels and no restaurants. This is the island for you if you want total peace and quiet as there are few tourists here.

4. Kapas

Another small island, the atmosphere here is relaxed and calm, with Kapas not having the same luxuries as the bigger islands. Again, there aren’t many tourists here, which is simultaneously a great shame and fantastic for those who go. Best to go before the secret gets out.

5. Penang

Penang doesn’t have much in the way of beaches, it is, however, home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its capital, Georgetown. Feast your eyes on some proper Malaysian culture at work and indulge in some of the best cuisine in the country.

6. Langkawi

This is one of the larger islands on this list and can count a few towns within its borders. The nature here is breath-taking at times and is a must see island for all ecological enthusiasts. What brings many tourists to this island though is its duty-free status, meaning alcohol, cigarettes and the like are all tax free.

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