The Best Sunset Locations Around The World

Unless we’re hitting the slopes, one thing that we always hope our holiday has is plenty of sun. The sun can really make or break a holiday and give us memories that last a lifetime. Whether that’s from a stunning sunset seen from a sandy beach, partying under its roasting hot rays or even just coming home with a great tan, we’ll never forget the best sunny moments. In particular, a beautiful sunset is an experience unlike any other. It’s the situation where perhaps one can appreciate life on this earth the most. For those reasons and many others, finding the perfect sunny destination should be near the top of any travellers to do list. Well, would be travellers have come to right place, as this post lists the best locations for sunsets in the world.

1. Greece

This list isn’t in any particular order, but it’s no accident that Greece came first to mind when thinking of a sun lover’s paradise. Greece is in the perfect location for the setting sun, one which emits an ethereal light not soon forgotten. The most famous of Greek sunsets comes from the island of Santorini which, after visiting, is the place to which all subsequent sunsets are compared.

2. Istanbul

The sunsets in Istanbul are famous for the variety of red shades they give off. No other sunset quite portrays the feeling of a dying light quite like those in Istanbul, and for Muslims called to prayer, there is no better backdrop to their spiritual experience.

3. San Sebastian, Spain

After a very short hike to the top of Mount Urgull, under the statue of Jesus Christ, you’ll discover one of the greatest sunsets of a sunny country. Viewing the sunset as a reward for the climb makes this an even more enriching experience that if seen from the harbour.

4. Mirissa, Sri Lanka

At the east side of Mirissa beach, one of Asia’s most spectacular sunsets can be enjoyed in Sri Lankan serenity. The climate here makes for a very different sunset than the others on this list and is one of the reasons why Sri Lanka is such a unique destination.

5. Lisbon

Lisbon is one of my favourite cities that just happens to have some of Europe’s most fantastic sunsets. Explore the Castelo de Sao Jorge in all its glory before staying at the top, relaxing and soaking up the glorious Portuguese sunset.

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